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Debunking Myths About Concealed Carry

Debunking Myths About Concealed Carry

We want to protect ourselves and our families against violent attacks. As a result, wenaturally try to learn as much as we can and stay informed to the best of our abilities. But, genuine facts are often confused with rumors, myths, and outright fabrications. This makes it more difficult for beginners.
To clear the air, here are some of the most prevalent myths and misconceptions about concealed carry.

Myth 1: "You have the right to carry concealed wherever you may go."

Let's start off with the most harmful myth!
State concealed carry regulations differ. Still, some areas remain definitely off-limits to even permit holders.This includes government buildings in the United States, where gunsare outlawed by federal law.Some states additionally make it illegal to carry concealed firearms n the following places:
  • School grounds
  • Courthouses
  • Establishments that serve alcohol
  • Places of worship, and
  • On private land if the owner has outlawed firearms.

Myth 2: "It's safer to empty the chamber of your concealed carry weapon."

Some folks conceal carry with an empty chamber.However, criminal attacks usually happenswiftly and from a short distance. Furthermore, the perpetrator almost always makes the initial move.
You have to:
  • Identify the perpetrator,
  • Recognize that an attack is underway,
  • And then take care of the threat
The cherry on top is that you usually need to do all this in a matter of seconds. Imagine how much longer you'd have to take if you had to rack the slide and chamber a round!
Defensive shooters should carry a pistol that is ready to fire as soon as itis removed from the holster. In the heat of a shootout, taking the time to rack a pistol slide is time you can't afford to waste in the first place.
If you're worried about accidental discharge, make sure you conceal carry using a holster that comes with a trigger guard.

Myth 3: "Handgun training is not necessary."

There are some concealed carry gun owners who have never fired a shot and have never even seen one fired. Most of what they know about guns comes from sensationalized shows. Adding to that, untrained actorsare seen carrying guns in ridiculous ways.
Training matters. With the help of firearms instructors, you can learn to shootefficiently. But more than that, you should also learn how to fight and live with a concealed carry weapon.If you're going to invest your hard-earned money in training, make sure it's with an instructor who understands gun fighting.

Myth 4: "Switching your concealed carry options is a smart idea."

Familiarity plays a huge role in operating your defensive handgunsmoothly. Many hours of training and practice go into developing habits.During the heat of a conflict is not the time to try to recall how many rounds the pistol you're carrying holds, or what the sights are.
Thus, you should not swap concealed carry gun typesfrequently.Before switching to a different model, build familiarity by practicing with it on the range.

Myth 5: "You have the right to refuse being questioned about your concealed firearm, even by authorities, if you have a CCW permit."

The constitutional right to bear arms is a privilege.To safeguard the integrity of this privilege, the majority of states allow gun owners to get a permit that allows them to conceal carry their firearms. Still, you or your handgun are not exempt from the law.If a law enforcement officer requests that you reveal the location of your weapon, you have a legal obligation to comply. You should be open and honest about your weapons and documentation:
  • What you have (both firearms and permits associated with each of them), and
  • Where you have it or them.

BravoBelt Bottomline

As gun owners, it is our responsibility to learn more about the dos and don'ts of carrying a loaded firearm. We should also double our precautions when we choose to carry concealed. In a way, debunking myths and learning the truth is a great start to responsible gun ownership.
By reading this blog post, not only are you doing yourself a favor, but you're also doing the whole gun community a favor! Props to you! If you'd like to learn more about concealed carry, make sure you subscribe to our email newsletter to get our free guide.
What concealed carry myths have you encountered? Let us know in the comments!

    2 Responses

    Glenn Roper

    Glenn Roper

    April 29, 2022

    The constitutional right to bear arms is just that, it’s a right, not a privilege.
    Our federal and state governments have been, for many years, chipping away at that constitutional right.

    Randy Clausen

    Randy Clausen

    April 21, 2022

    I’ve heard thoughts from others here in Wisconsin. So not sure if it’s a myth but not all states connect your CCW with your drivers license through the DMV. Some states law enforcement are able to see your CCW by running your plates. Enabling them to see if it’s valid by date or by connecting valid states. Wisconsin happens to be not one of them. Here it’s up to the individual to offer the courtesy to let the officer be aware that you are carrying weather on your body or vehicle mounted to help keep them at ease. Other states they will know walking up to you. Being questioned then it would be not only respectful to announce that you are carrying but also legal obligated or a simple traffic stop could turn into something else and your license possibly revoked.

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