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Everything You Need To Know About Wearing Belly Band Holsters

Everything You Need To Know About Wearing Belly Band Holsters

The belly band holster is a great solution if you want something more convenient than traditional holsters. Plenty of gun owners opt for belly band holsters to feel comfortable when they conceal carry. Yet, there are still gun owners who aren't aware of how to use oneproperly.
Contrary to what the name suggests, the belly band holster can actuallybe worn in many ways! Here are a few you can try out:

On Your Stomach

Wondering how to wear a belly band holster? Belly band users often put their holsters on in this position for a speedy pull. It's simple and only requires a few pre-measurements. This carry style can suit any outfit, regardless of what top, jacket, or shirt you're wearing.
Put your favorite belly band behind your back and wrap it around your tummy until it fitssnugly. In this position, you will be able to see where your gun is.

Underneath the Arms

This positioning is ideal for those who want to carry many firearms or magazines. It provides a large capacity without adding bulk to your layer of clothing.
To wear your belly band this way, put it around your abdomen. Verify that the Velcrois attachedsecurely. Then, pull the band over your shoulder and adjust the length to your preference.

Around Your Hips

People buy belly band holsters notjust because they want to conceal their firearms. They also want to conceal the very fact that they are wearing a holster.
If you have a vast wardrobe with skirts or jeans, around-the-hip is a great way to carry.Anyone planning on jogging with a belly band holster should also try around-the-hip carry for optimal support.
To do this, place the belly band holster around your hips and tighten the Velcro to your satisfaction to get the perfect fit.

Tips To Getting Comfortable With Your Belly Band Holster

Once you have chosen how to position your belly band holster, you should also work on getting used to it. After that, you can do a few more things to make it easier for you to wear your holster:

Choose the proper firearm.

It will be more difficult to conceal a gun that isoverly large. While you can get a super-sized holster to fit your bigger gun, it will be heavier. This is a major cause of back strain if carried on a daily basis.
Instead, you can opt for a firearm that is more suited for concealed carry. Small weapons are light and easier to conceal.

Choose between IWB and OWB.

You can wear belly band holsters IWB (inside the waistband) and OWB (outside the waistband).
With IWB holsters, you should wear a size larger to allow extra space for the holster. As a result, you'll have superb concealment, as your pistol willbe hidden from view.These are the best holster designs for concealing your firearm if security is your top priority.
OWB holsters,on the other hand, are more comfortable because they do not need tucking into your jeans. But, this can cause printing, making concealment more difficult.

Wear appropriate and comfortable attire.

The right clothing will do more than boost the efficiency of your concealed carry. You will also feel more comfortable!
If you are carrying OWB, you can wear an extra layer of clothes, such as a coat or a vest.

The Bravo Bottomline

Whatever position, attire, or firearm you choose, make sure you choose the option that lets youquickly reach for your firearm in emergency situations!

Want to learn more about concealed carry? Download our free guide here.

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