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Gun Holsters: Why You Should Carry on Your Runs

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So why are gun holsters worth considering if you go on runs? If you're a jogger, chances are you're running head-on to risks that you might not have thought about. For example, it may be that you like early morning or late night runs where there's no one around. Perhaps you like to take the 'road less traveled' on your run and go through secluded areas such as woodlands or dirt trails.

Whatever it may be, running without protection has some major risks. Whether it be a vicious dog, wildlife, or even another dangerous human, there may come a time when running without the proper safety procedures can come to bite you back.

Not convinced? Here are several key reasons why you need to always carry on your runs:

There’s Real Risk Involved

You might be a casual jogger or a seasoned runner who’s gone on countless runs without an issue – however, this is not enough to guarantee that your runs are safe. One simple google search, and you will be dragging up plenty of articles of joggers enduring attacks on their runs. These are sometimes in broad daylight – if you look hard enough, you’ll probably locate an incident in your state or city.

It might not even be another person who’s posing a threat. A vicious animal such as an untrained dog or wildlife may see your running as a threat and go for the attack. In this kind of moment, using your strength and intuition alone won’t cut it for saving your life. It’s always advised that you should carry to prevent this from happening.

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Carrying Gun Holsters Gives you Peace of Mind

If we've instilled the fear of God in your otherwise friendly runs, then we apologize! But your safety should always come first, especially if you're in a vulnerable position from exercising. Carrying a gun with you will give you the peace of mind you need to run with ease on your next journey – you might even improve your running speed knowing that you have protection!

How do I Carry on a Run?

One concern of carrying your gun with you on the run is how to store it. A traditional holster may be too bulky, obvious, or unstable to use. You also don't want it affecting your performance – standard holsters tend to be heavy and could weigh and slow you down.

If you're looking for a discrete, lightweight, and effective way of carrying your gun on your next run, we recommend the BravoBelt Belly Band Holster System. This holster will do wonders in comparison to a traditional belt since it's design revolves around comfort. With a flex-fit design, it will handle the weight of your firearm while still being lightweight and secure enough to take with you on your run.

A deep concealment holster is designedwith runners in mind. Therefore you can have the peace of mind that your firearm is safe, secure, and ready for a quick draw if necessary. So, next time you’re going for a jog, don’t forget to bring your BravoBelt holster and firearm!

⚡️ Do you carry on your runs? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Robert fisher

Robert fisher

April 17, 2023

I grew up on a farm.and.I know how quick things can turn from peaceful to deadly
A dog or wild animal that you have passed a hundred times can turn vicious on the 101st time. With the meth epidemic you never know when an addict might decide to go down the same path that your running on today. Always be prepared for the worse that can happen.



May 21, 2023

Feeling a little safer while running is one of the main reasons I purchased my BravoBelt! And I absolutely love it.

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