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Why Tactical Flashlights Should Be Part of Your Everyday Carry

Why Tactical Flashlights Should Be Part of Your Everyday Carry

Staying out late with your friends and coworkers after a drink sure is fun until you have to cross a dark alley that’s filled with who knows what. You don’t always have to walk around defenseless and in fear, though!

All you need is a tactical flashlight. It does more than serve the purpose of lighting up your path. It also doubles up as protection from any attacker that may want to ruin your peaceful evening.

What is a Tactical Flashlight?

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You probably won’t think of a flashlight of if ever you were to defend yourself from an intruder or burglar. However, a tactical flashlight is not quite the same as the ones that you store away in your kitchen drawer.

A tactical flashlight is a more compact flashlight. It has a higher lighting power than your typical household flashlight. It can emit high light beams like those high beams cars use. This type of flashlight can be used both as a weapon and as a handy tool if you get lost in the dark. It differs from a stun gun flashlight, another concealed weapon similar in appearance.

Tactical flashlights serve a different function from regular flashlights. They are tailored to meet the needs of a particular market (us!). The initial design was for it to be used with a rifle to help identify targets in low-light environments. It would allow a marksman (law enforcement, security, or military) to aim a weapon and illuminate a target simultaneously, rather than using a separate flashlight.

How Can You Use Tactical Flashlights?

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Versatility is one of the major benefits of having a tactical flashlight. The tactical flashlight’s durable adaptability is helpful not just for armed professions such as law enforcement, security, or military personnel, but even for average civilians.

Useful as a self-defense tool

Almost every tactical flashlight on the market today can focus and limit its light field into a single beam. Tactical flashlights are bright since they already have a high lumen count. They’re so powerful that they’ll briefly blind someone ready to assault or endanger you. At night, the attacker’s eyes are more accustomed to dim lights. This blinding an assailant will allow you to flee, which is always the priority in self-defense situations.

Lighting up dark paths

Much like all flashlights, a tactical flashlight also serves as a better way to light up dark roads that you need to pass when you’re going home after a late night out. It can ensure that you are secure from assailants or robbers. Plus, you can walk down paths without fear of an ankle roll or an unseen hole.

Comes in handy as a utility tool

Tactical flashlights are strong and long-lasting. Many of today’s tactical flashlight brands feature variants used by law enforcement and the military. They include serrated edges that may smash through a car glass so that you could escape being locked in one.

Signaling passersby for help

Using your tactical flashlight, you can alert people in the vicinity that you want help, especially prospective rescuers or search teams. While traveling, I’ve seen people waving flashlights who need help. I’ll pull over and assist if the scenario is safe. If you are lost in the woods, you can use your flashlight to do morse code or just signal for aid.

Pros and Cons of Carrying A Tactical Flashlight


Utmost durability

Most tactical flashlights use titanium or aero-grade aluminum shells - they are shock-proof, scratch-proof, and shatter-proof. This allows them to withstand falls from heights of up to five feet. Also, most tactical flashlights have water-resistant charging connections.

Long-term power

Energy-efficient LED light bulbs are frequently used in tactical flashlights. These do not deplete batteries as rapidly as incandescent bulbs. These energy-efficient bulbs usually have long-lasting batteries, such as Lithium 123s. They have the longevity and energy needed for high lumen output at night and in low-light conditions.

Very handy and portable

Tactical flashlights today are built with mobility in mind. They are smaller than ordinary flashlights, measuring between 3 and 7 inches. This makes them tiny enough to put in your pocket or clip onto your tactical bag or belt. You won’t have to worry about a giant, cumbersome flashlight holding you down as most of them weigh about 2 to 8 ounces.

Better illumination

When compared to conventional flashlights, tactical flashlights are incredibly bright. The light output of tactical flashlights ranges from 100 to 2,000 lumens, whereas the light output of a regular commercial flashlight is about 25 to 100 lumens.

Can be used as a weapon

A serrated or toothed bezel is found on several tactical flashlights. The purpose of these bezels is to smash windows in.


Can cause blindness

One of the disadvantages of utilizing an LED flashlight is that if you stare at it directly, it might cause significant eye damage. This is because they produce a lot of light.

Produces a lot of static electricity

Is metal base tends to generate static electricity. That may cause a shock when you hold it.

Pricier than your typical flashlight

They are usually more costly than standard flashlights because they will have a life duration of 50,000 hours or more; this should not be a major concern.

Requires maintenance for voltage

It may be damaged if you do not provide the flashlight with the proper voltage at a consistent pace. Make sure you obtain your flashlight from a reputable manufacturer.

How Flashlights Can Be Easy To Carry With BravoBelt Belly Band Holster

To take full advantage of the benefits of carrying a tactical flashlight, you have to keep in mind that access to the tool is most important when you are faced with a situation wherein you need it. Putting it in your bag filled with other stuff might make you fumble and expose you to a greater risk of being attacked.

Hence, the BRAVOBELT Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry is the perfect tool. It won’t be obvious that you're carrying around self-defense tools. Plus, your weapons and tools are easy to access whenever you have to use them.With one detachable pouch plus two auxiliary pouches, you can carry your tactical flashlight, extra handgun magazine, and even your phone. 

Whether in the vastness of the wilderness or in front of a relentless assailant, BravoBelt will always be your best companion in carrying everything that you need to get out of sticky situations. You can get one of the best concealed carry holsters around on sale this December, so don’t miss out on our holiday promo!

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