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How to Conceal Carry with a Belly Band Holster

How to Conceal Carry with a Belly Band Holster

Belly band holsters have recently become more and more popular with firearm owners and gun enthusiasts alike. Of course, there’s a reason behind the popularity: a belly band holster is one of the most, if not THE most, comfortable gun holsters available. We also consider it one of the easiest holsters to wear, making it the perfect pick for newbies who just got their license to own and use firearms.

Why use belly band holsters?

Belly band holsters are well-known for both their convenience and versatility. You can wear your holster at any angle you like without too much fuss! It does not restrict your clothing options, and it makes drawing your weapon easy when needed. Unlike most holsters out there, a belly band holster does not impede your movement. Even when running, the risk of your holster falling off is low, as it’s secure enough to fit your body.

How do you hide your weapon using your belly band holster?

While you can wear the belly band holster in multiple ways, it does not mean that you can just wear it however you wish. Wearing clothes that will not hide it at all if you plan on conceal carrying would be counterproductive. Each occasion calls for a way to dress and use your holster for concealed carry.

  • When wearing your daily clothes, clothing such as jackets and hoodies with kangaroo pockets is a good option to conceal your weapon. There are also some pieces of clothing with materials thick enough so your firearm won’t show. Modern clothing also incorporates patterns in its designs. You can use these designs to trick the naked eye into thinking you aren’t hiding anything beneath your clothing.
  • Work out clothes usually involve loose clothing and longer shirts, perfect for concealing your weapon. Wear your belly band holster in places where the cloth is loose enough for your holster not to be too obvious. A longer undershirt also works, as it helps your firearm stay covered when moving or bending.
  • On formal occasions, concealing your weapon could be tricky. Some examples you can work on are wearing your holster on your hips or stomach when wearing a long dress. You can also wear your belly band holster on your stomach, then wear something like a two-piece top over it. Men can keep their holsters on their hip while wearing loose enough shirts.
  • When wearing office or work clothes, concealing your weapon may be easier or harder, depending on the attire. Less thick gear like scrubs may be prone to “printing,” so you have to wear your holster in areas where the clothes are loose. As for office attire, wearing on the stomach or hip works.

Always match your clothes with how you wear your holsters.

No matter the occasion, no matter the situation, you must always make sure your wardrobe matches your holster position. This can be a trial-and-error effort, but it’s better to put in the work than to put yourself at risk. Check your wardrobe and try which holster positions perfectly blend with your clothing.

Hiding your gun is worthless if your gun is too big to begin with.

Whenever you practice concealed carrying, newbie or not, you must always consider which gun you will bring. Bigger guns can be easier to handle, but they are also bulkier. Tiny ones, however, can be difficult to handle. Always balance functionality and concealability when picking the right gun. Make sure you can use and hide it.

Of course, you should also consider what holster to use. There are multiple holsters that support only a specific range of guns, while there are some which are compatible with multiple types of firearms. One great example of this is BravoBelt: this belly band holster can hold multiple guns, so you would not have to worry about buying another holster for each firearm you want to carry.

Choosing the right holster for you

In the end, it is still up to you. Always consider the most comfortable, most bang-for-buck, and most flexible holster you can have. Once you have decided on a holster, try to stick with it, as constantly changing holsters also means relearning how to draw and conceal your weapon.

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