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Our Top Tips for Comfortable Concealed Carry

Our Top Tips for Comfortable Concealed Carry

Carrying a gun is a great way to protect and defend yourself and your loved ones. There’s one thing you need to consider, though. It can be both challenging and intimidating to wield a weapon, much more carry it every day hidden from everyone else’s sight.

Concealed carrying isn’t exactly easy. You need to consider factors like safety, comfort and flexibility. If what you’re doing is unsafe, you might end up hurting yourself or others. When you don’t feel comfortable carrying your gun, you won’t turn it into a consistent habit. If the way you’re carrying it isn’t flexible, you might have a hard time keeping it on your person in different situations.

What can you do to ensure that your concealed carry experience is as successful as possible? Here are a few tips to get you started!

Know the best gun to bring based on your skill level.

You may think, “It’s safest to bring a gun that is as small as possible. It’s easier to hide, it’s lighter than regular-sized guns, and it does the same job.” This mindset is one of the most common pitfalls for concealed carry newbies.

All handgun sizes can technically do the job of defending yourself, but how you draw and shoot them may differ. Contrary to common belief, smaller guns require more experience. The user has to be more accurate with shots, which can be hard to do when you’re in a stressful situation. You might drop it while holding or drawing it because of the size. It also has higher recoil.

We recommend you select a handgun that fits your grip best instead. Sure, it’s a bit harder to conceal. The higher priority should be you being able to use it properly. You won’t have a hard time concealing it if you have a good belly band holster, anyway.

Turn concealed carrying into a consistent habit.

The reason you are carrying a gun is so that you can protect yourself or your loved ones if something unexpected, like a robbery, happens. How can you do this if you keep leaving your firearm at home?

Concealed carry needs to be a habit that you do daily! Bring your firearm with you always, regardless of what you are doing or where you are going. Jogging? Conceal carry! Grocery shopping? Conceal carry! Driving around with the family? Conceal carry!

The only times you should not bring your concealed firearm with you is when it is restricted by legislation, Federal, State, local or otherwise. This includes airports, national and state parks, federal buildings, and school zones.

Master using your firearm.

There’s a reason why “Practice makes perfect” is a popular saying. It’s true, especially when it comes to firearms!

Practice how to carry your gun while keeping it hidden in plain sight, how to draw it once a threat is around, how to return it to your holster, how to reload it, and how to properly hold it.

Spend a few minutes on familiarizing yourself with your equipment in your daily routine. You can practice dry-firing at home or at the range to improve your shooting skills. Another thing you can do is practice drawing your unloaded carry gun from your holster wearing your daily outfit. Make sure you focus on perfecting the motions so you can do it with ease when the need arises.

Plan out spots where you can readjust your holster if you have to.

Even if you are wearing comfortable clothing and a great holster, sometimes you will really need to reposition or adjust it. You can’t just carelessly do this anywhere! A bystander might think that you were preparing to draw and fire your gun, which is something you must avoid. To keep this from happening, do NOT adjust your holster in a public place.

Instead, you should scope out possible places you can go to do your adjustments privately. These can be bathroom stalls, fitting rooms, or your car. You can even go home if you must!

Dress to conceal.

There isn’t a strict dress code when it comes to conceal carrying. It’s best to wear clothing with a little room when you conceal carry. Clothing that is too tight can prevent you from drawing right away as well as keep you from staying discreet.

You might have to wear pants with loops if your holster is a belt or needs to be clipped on. For holsters that you wear outside your waistband, you will also probably need a cover garment like a coat or jacket. This can be a bit restrictive considering you won’t be able to wear the same type of clothing for all activities. That’s why you should…

Pick out the most fitting holster for you.

Make sure to choose a holster that is comfortable and easy to use. If you want something you can wear with any outfit, a belly band holster is a great option. You can tuck it in your pants, skirt, or shorts. It’s also form-fitting, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off when you’re doing physical activities like running.

What’s a better option than BravoBelt? With its breathable and versatile design, you can strap your holster anywhere you want and carry both your firearm and utility items at the same time. Get it at 15% off when you use code SANTA15 at check out today! This promo is until December 25, 2021 only, so use the code before it ends.

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Elina Brooks

Elina Brooks

June 29, 2023

It was a good tip when you told us to make concealed carry a habit that we do daily by bringing our firearms wherever we go to protect ourselves and our loved ones during a crisis. It’s just me and my son at home, so I wanted to be prepared for self-defense in case an undesirable event happens when we least expect it. I’ll keep this in mind and get my certification from a concealed carry course soon as a safety measure.

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