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Learn to Conceal Carry in 5 Steps!

Learn to Conceal Carry in 5 Steps!

Concealed carrying is not as easy as you may think. From carrying your gun to choosing the right equipment, there is a LOT to consider. This can be overwhelming for novices, so we broke it down into 5 steps that would make your concealed carrying experience easier.

Step 1: The Philosophy

belly band holster for women

First, you have to fully understand the why and how of concealed carrying. Knowing how to use your weapon properly or having the optimal setup is a good thing. But it all boils down to when and how you are going to use your gun! Keep in mind that a gun is a weapon that can deal a fatal blow when used against someone. A certain web-swinging superhero’s uncle once said that “with great power, comes great responsibility.”

So what do you need to learn to get your mind ready for concealed carry?

A responsible gun owner must exercise situational awareness when out on the field. Always exercise due diligence and caution when a potential scenario is unfolding, and always be aware of anyone and anything around you.

There are 4 states of readiness according to James Cooper and the National Rifle Association:Unaware (Code White), Aware (Code Yellow), Alert (Code Orange), and Alarmed (Code Red). As a gun owner, it is highly critical for you to become more aware, or else your weapon will just be a useless pile of scrap metal.

Step 2: The Gun

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The Glock 19. The Glock 43, The SIG Sauer P365… With all the types of guns ideal for concealed carry on the market, a novice would be totally overwhelmed on which gun to use. Some beginners may not even be familiar with these guns are at all!

Find out which guns are allowed for concealed carry in your state. The firearms you can carry varies from state to state. You may be surprised that the gun you own is legal to conceal carry where you are right now, but is banned in the state next to yours.

When picking a gun, your main focus should be on which handgun size suits your skill and preference best. Take note that there arefull-size, standard-size, compact, and ultra-compact guns. Some are easier to conceal and control, others are harder. For recommendations on which exact gun to use, it would be best to discuss this with your local gun store owner, co-gun owners, or gun handling trainers. Know which gun is best for you, then proceed to selecting a cartridge.

Step 3: The Bullets

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When it comes to concealed carry, you have to make sure that it can reliably incapacitate threats. A gun is useless without ammunition. Make sure the ammunition you purchase is for the handgun you own, as there are certain kinds of ammunition for different gun models.

Step 4: The Holster

most comfortable concealed carry holster

You got your gun and you got your ammo. Now it’s time to pick a holster! There are a multitude of holsters available for you to choose from. There’s the traditional leather holster, the thermoplastic Kydex holster, and the belly band holster.

When picking your holster, there are a few things for you to consider. Can it effectively hide your weapon? Do you feel comfortable wearing it? With those two in consideration, we recommend belly band holsters. They are built to be worn without belts and attachment required, they are snug on your body, and they are flexible.

On the subject of belly band holsters, we recommend that you use BravoBelt for your concealed carry needs. Sure, belly band holsters are flexible, but there aren’t many that are comfortable and affordable at the same time.

BravoBelt has both features, not sacrificing one for the other. Its holster can carry all sizes and types of handguns without requiring attachments. BravoBelt also lets you carry more than your firearm, with both auxiliary and detachable pouches! Lastly, with its state-of-the-art “easy-snap” system, your BravoBelt belly band holster will not fall down while you are wearing it!

Step 5: The Wardrobe

tactical belly band holster

After all the time spent on picking your best gun, ammo, and holster, now it’s time to pick your wardrobe! Some guns and holsters may be incompatible with your clothes. Your gun might show, losing the purpose of “concealed” in “concealed carry.” Fortunately, if you happen to choose a belly band holster, your wardrobe choices won’t be too limited.

These 5 steps are the basic things a newcomer must take note of when starting out with concealed carry. To give you a headstart on getting the gear you need, here’s a quick link to our best-selling BravoBelt. Check them out here.

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Jeff preston

Jeff preston

April 17, 2023

I like the bravo belt comfortable

Lexi from BravoBelt

Lexi from BravoBelt

April 13, 2022

Hi Mark! You may check our Instagram for pictures of the BravoBelt while concealed. Here is one example:



April 13, 2022

Show pictures of people with their shirt down so we will see how it really looks concealed.

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