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How Do I Know Which Belly Band Holster Suits Me Best?

How Do I Know Which Belly Band Holster Suits Me Best?

The world isn't getting any safer. That's why we need options to to protect ourselves against potential threats. Having a firearm or weapon on hand isstrongly advised for this purpose.
If you want to stay armed without flaunting your weapons in public, you have the option of concealed carry. When doing this, you have to consider more than hiding your weapon. You should also see how accessible it is. When you take this into account, you improve both security and safety.
Belly band holsters are one of the most effective ways to conceal carry. These holsters areincredibly comfortable to wear. They allow you to carry when jogging, running, biking, or cycling. You may take it with you wherever you go. 
How you conceal carry can affect how you respond during an emergency situation. Thus, you need to consider a few factors before purchasing your belly band holster.

Retention and Durability of Weapons

When comparing different holsters, these two factors are crucial. Weapon retention is how well the belly band holster can secure your firearm. A good holster should hold your gunsecurely at all times, notjust when you are walking. It should also do this when you are running and jumping.
The ability to withstand wear and tear is also crucial. It's important to remember that these bands are elastic. You wear them out every time you put them on, stretch them, and take them off. Hence, you should measure your stomach before purchasing this type of holster.
You don't want to overstretch a belly band holster. That won't be comfortable or good for the material's quality.


You're going to be wearing your belly band holster for most of your day. Thus, you should always consider comfort. That way, you won'tbe tempted to take it off and leave your weapon somewhere far from you. Go for belly bands that are soft and washable. It's a plus if you can wear it on the lower or upper abdomen so you can adjust when necessary. 


Some belly band holstersare limited when it comes to the guns you can carry or how you can carry.It would save you more money if you went for a versatile holster that accommodates different firearms and carry methods. Check if their are ambidextrous options as well.


If you buy a holster that is too loose on you, it will pull your pants down. This is especially true if you're wearing gym shorts. Double-check your measurements and the holster size chart when you're buying a holster.


You'll be wearing the holster for long hours during different activities. Don't go for a holster that is inflexible and too thick. Also, make sure the material can absorb sweat. You wouldn't want to feel wet and sticky underneath the holster while jogging or running.

Safety and Trigger Guard

No matter how nice a belly band holster looks, it's a no-no if it doesn't have a trigger guard. Safety should always come first, which is why this is one of the first things you should check. You wouldn't want a freak accident to happen when you are carrying a loaded weapon.


With a belly band holster, the owner only needs to lift their shirt to gain access to their weapon. This is far more practical than using an ankle holster. You don't want something with too many straps or clips that would make it hard for you tojust grab your gun.

The BravoBelt Bottomline

At the end of the day, it's important to check out the features of the belly band holster you want to use. That way, you can make sure the holster you choose actually fits your needs.
If you would like to learn more about the BravoBelt (andwhether or not it meets your standards, you can learn more here.
What factors do you look at when shopping for a holster? Let us know in the comments!

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John M. Sharkey

John M. Sharkey

May 06, 2022

Researching between several belly band type holsters for work i.e. L.E., Corporate etc.

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