Managing Concealed Carry When You’re Out-and-About with Your Child

Managing Concealed Carry When You’re Out-and-About with Your Child

It's no secret that parenting changes the lives of individuals. Any parent will tell you this: having children changes your life significantly. It has a huge impact on simple, everyday situations. It doesn't have to affect who you are, even though it might be overwhelming for some. You need to make changes and sacrifices because you're responsible for another life.

As a parent, you take on many roles. But one of the most important role of all is being your child's protector! The world is a scary place. You need to do everything in your power to keep them safe.

You've probably thought about carrying a gun as a safety measure for your and your child's welfare. At BravoBelt, we value your right to carry arms. But we also acknowledge the responsibility you have as a parent. So, here are some things that you need to remember when you're carrying a gun with a child around.

Meet Jade, Your Resident BravoBelt Mom


Jade is a BravoBelt user. Here is her experience as a mother who conceal carries with our belly band holster.

"Dangerous situations happen all the time and that’s why I carry with my BravoBelt. The other day, Emory and I had just left our house to go on our afternoon walk. There’s no sidewalk in front of my house or my  neighbors’ houses and we have to walk past two hours to get to the nearest one. We were between our neighbor’s house when a convertible Mustang came speeding towards us.

I grabbed Emory and  yelled at the driver to slow down. The driver then revved his engine and swerved at us to scare us and yelled “F*ck you!”. Thankfully, I was on the phone with Dustin at the time and he heard everything and came  running out of the house.

I got Emory to the sidewalk and when I looked back, the vehicle was turning around. Dustin and the driver yelled at each other but the driver never stopped. He turned down the street I was on, following me and yelling at me, calling me derogatory names. He said he was going to beat and kill me and my daughter.

While he was doing this, he almost hit another vehicle. That driver saw what was happening and pulled over to make sure I was okay. At that time, Dustin was with me too.

Crazy and dangerous situations like this are why I carry with my BravoBelt every day, on every single walk, to almost every single place.”

(You can follow Jade Here: @jade.offduty)

Gun Safety and Carrying Concealed With Children

Parenting requires a lot of hard decisions, from bottle or breastfeeding to public or private schools. Choices are even more difficult when it comes to protecting your family.

The Second Amendment protects your inherent right to defend your family with weapons. But some argue that having weapons near children puts them in more danger than it protects them. This is why, for many people, carrying a pistol near children is a contentious issue.

But, there is no doubt that carrying a gun will give you an unrivaled defense choice in emergency situations.

Re-shaping the Taboo that Surrounds Owning A Gun

For gun-owning parents, re-shaping conversations surrounding firearms is an essential task. When you teach kids about weapons, firearms lose their mystique. They become a tool and a weapon, but their status as "dangerous and deadly" is no longer ambiguous.

To do this, you must make weapons (or at least talk about guns) a regular part of your life. These gun discussions cannot be isolated incidents. When a kid is confronted with a gun scenario, you must repeat the message to take root and become effective.

If you're not sure how to start the conversation, ask your child about what they know about firearms. Ask if they have any questions. From there, you can feel out how much they know. Ultimately, you should make sure your child is aware of some of the realities around weapons. You can do this by talking about:

  • The distinction between toy and real firearms.
  • The contrast between what you see on TV and what you see in real life when it comes to weapons.
  • The havoc and carnage that firearms are capable of causing.

Carrying Concealed as a Mother

It's time to do research if you've opted to carry concealed. There is material available that instructs women on:

  • How to carry concealed while wearing a bodycon dress,
  • How to carry concealed while in a wheelchair,
  • What business people may do to keep their handgun hidden during a board meeting

And more! But when you're a parent, no one advises you on how to conceal carry when you're juggling two diaper bags, a toddler, and a crying infant. So, here are a few tips that could help!

First Option. The most typical spot to carry is on the dominant hip, which is also where you'll most likely carry a child. Don't try to do both. Double stacking is inconvenient for you and junior. It makes it hard to reach your sidearm swiftly in an emergency. Learning to carry your infant on your non-dominant hip is a better option. You can keep your firearm and primary shooting hand free while making your weaker side stronger.

Second Option. Another alternative is to learn how and where to place your child. It might be useful to wear your child instead of carrying him or her. They can't run off, rush in front of you while you're firing, or hide because they're terrified. It also allows you to fire with both hands at the same time, increasing your comfort and control.

In the end, it's no longer all about you when you become a parent. To some extent, it's all about the kids. You must do everything possible to safeguard them.

Some may object to carrying a firearm to defend your kid. Still, the truth remains that when you have a child with you, you are more at risk of assailants that assume you won't be able to protect yourself.

It's time to prove them wrong and safeguard what's most important to you - your children.

What are your thoughts about concealed carrying with kids around? Let us know in the comments!

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