Professor Pew Gun Rust Remover – Clean, Lube, and Protect against Build-Up | Military Grade CLP Degreaser Oil for all Firearms

Are you consistently finding residue build-up in your firearms?
Are you searching for a product that will prevent rusting, and works in the harshest of conditions?

Purchase the Professor Pew One-Step CLP today!

All in One Solution
Forget the need to purchase a host of particular products at regular intervals throughout the year. Our Professor Pew CLP completes all your firearm cleaning needs in one go!

Prevents Rusting
Suitable for use on any gauge or caliber, this product will not leave any buildup of gel, slime, or oily residue, helping to prevent rusting and preserve the life of your firearm.

Cleans Residue
This product is ideally suited to cleaning any gunpowder residue that remains in your firearm, whilst also protecting further build-up in the future.

High-Performing Lubrication
The lubricating qualities of this spray are of the highest order, working immediately upon application to prevent jamming in your guns, pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

Versatile Cleaning Product
While taking care of your firearms may be your primary use for this product, it is also suitable for use on tools, archery equipment, automotive, bicycles, locks, knives, nuts and bolts, and other household items.

Plant-Based Solution
Developed with the environment at the forefront of our minds, the Professor Pew CLP cleaning solvent uses a soybean, plant-based solution that is non-hazardous.


ALL IN ONE CLEANER: Our product gets to work in one simple step! Spray on your firearm; it will clean, lubricate, and provide a protective coating, rather than leave an oily residue. This saves you the ongoing cost of purchasing multiple products!

 PROTECTS AGAINST RUST:Once applied this product gets to work immediately, providing a layer of protection that will prevent rust, particularly in humid conditions. It will also eliminate the build-up of residue inside your firearm. 

PLANT-BASED SOLUTION:This product is manufactured using a soybean, plant-based solution that is non-hazardous. With preventive qualities to stop jamming issues, and improve reliability, this product can be safely used on metal objects to protect them in the future. 

MULTIPURPOSE CLEANING SOLVENT: The Professor Pew CLP can be used as a bore cleaner, rust protectant, and lubricating oil for your firearm, but it is also suitable for other objects including tools, automotive, knives, and other household items.  

PROFESSOR PEW CLP SPRAY: This high-quality cleaner can stand the test of harsh weather conditions and is sold in a large, 8oz bottle – suitable for use on all moving parts of a firearm – removes oil, dirt, copper, lead, and other contaminants – lubricates to avoid jamming.

Size 8 FL oz  (240ml)
Type Plant Based  🌱   
Origin  100% Made in USA





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