Top 3 Giveaways That You're Concealing a Weapon

Top 3 Giveaways That You're Concealing a Weapon

Being discreet when concealing a firearm is a must for two reasons. First, you don’t want to make people around you uncomfortable. Second, you don’t want to become a target for people who could potentially harm you. If you don’t want to broadcast that you are carrying a weapon, it’s easy to learn what the giveaways are so you can work on getting rid of them. To help you conceal your firearm effectively, we put together a list for you!

Security Checks

concealed carry security check

You might feel the need to check your firearm from time to time, especially if you are new to conceal carrying. That is completely understandable, because nobody wants their weapon discharging or falling out!

Throughout the day, you could be tapping your hip, shifting your holster or bumping your firearm with your hand. Sometimes, you might even be grasping your weapon distinctly. 

These seemingly minor actions can draw unwanted attention. So how do we fix this?

This can be behavior you learned back from when you just started carrying a gun, which can be a hard habit to break. It can also be further amplified by not having faith in the holster you are using. Contradicting this habit will need a lot of willpower from you to hold back whenever you feel the urge. To help you feel more confident about your concealed carrying, look for a high-quality holster.

Unnatural Movements

walking with a concealed firearm

Carrying a firearm can affect your gait, making it look awkward. If the way you are concealed carrying is uncomfortable, you end up walking uncomfortably as well. Your movements also become more wooden or blocky when you are worried about disturbing your firearm or what’s covering it.

To address this issue, test out different carry methods to figure out which one allows you to move the most naturally. You should also go with a holster that has a great level of retention, so you’ll be sure that your gun will stay in place.

Wardrobe Malfunctions

wardrobe to conceal your weapon

Printing is when the outline of your weapon is showing through your clothing. This is the easiest way to spot when somebody is carrying a firearm, because they have a unique shape you can’t really mistake for anything else. Thus, printing is a huge NO in concealed carry.

Aside from the shape, you also have to worry about the weight of handguns. They aren’t exactly light, especially when they are fully loaded. This might cause the waistline of your pants to sag, another giveaway that you’re carrying a weapon.

To avoid the two situations above, make sure you choose your attire wisely. The types of outfits that are most compatible with concealed carry will be discussed in another blog post.

But it doesn’t stop at clothing that conceals your firearm - it should look natural, too! Wearing multiple layers in the summer heat can seem suspicious, and people might think you’re trying to cover something.

If you don’t want to limit your wardrobe choices too much, consider carrying your weapon with a belly band holster.

Conceal Your Firearm Effectively With BravoBelt Belly Band Holsters

belly band holster

Now that you know the top 3 giveaways, you’ll be able to work on how to avoid them! As long as you stay consistent, you will become more effective at concealing your weapon. It will take a lot of effort, but it will be worth it.

Do you want to make concealed carrying easier? Why not try a holster that fits comfortably, secures your weapon well, and lets you wear the clothing you want? Click here to learn more about the BravoBelt and how it can improve your concealed carry experience. You can get our nude, camo and grey BravoBelts at 15% OFF during our St. Patrick's Sale when you use code STPAT15!

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Lexi from BravoBelt

Lexi from BravoBelt

April 13, 2022

Hi Franklin! The BravoBelt Xtra Large can fit up to 55" belly. You can learn more about choosing belly band holsters for bigger fellas here:

Franklin Keller

Franklin Keller

April 13, 2022

How can I wear one of these with an expanded waistline (too fat) ? Had an operation that added to my waist.

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