How to Draw Your Firearm From the BravoBelt

How to Draw Your Firearm From the BravoBelt

People who are new to concealed carry put in the effort to practice with their new gun. When you were a kid learning how to ride your bike, you had to do the work to actually get good at it, right? The same concept applies to guns - practice will help you increase your accuracy towards your target.

One of the first things you need to do would be to get to know your weapon. Get used to how the gun feels in your hand and how the gun weighs in your holster. You also need to get familiar with how it feels to use it, from pulling the trigger to the bullet leaving the barrel. All of this will take some time and you can’t just magically master it.

But there is one very important part of the learning process that people often skip… How to draw your concealed weapon from your holster! Mastering this can make the difference in a life or death situation. Even if you aren’t new to concealed carry, you should still practice how to draw your weapon to sharpen your skills.

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Why Practice Drawing Your Firearm

It might seem simple enough to shoot a gun. But you can get nervous when it’s time for you to draw your concealed carry weapon. Without the proper training, you are also likely to make mistakes!

Just think of what little time you have to pull your top out of the way, remove your gun from the holster, aim it, and fire. If you were in an emergency situation, there would be no space for mistakes.

So how do you improve? Practice!

Train drawing from your chosen holster. Train drawing from different carrying positions. Train drawing in different positions, whether it’s seated on your couch or in the front seat of your car. Train drawing different weapons, to familiarize yourself with their recoil, weight, etc.

Going through the entire process of drawing, shooting and reholstering again and again will build your muscle memory until you’re amazing at it!

So now that you know that you need to practice drawing your concealed carry weapon, how do you actually do it?

The Steps to Drawing Your Firearm From Your Holster

What we will be teaching you in this blog post is how to draw your firearm from the BravoBelt belly band holster. But first, we need to get it on!

Here are the 2 things you need to do beforehand:

  1. Put the BravoBelt on tight. You can choose whether to wear it high or low.
  2. Put your chosen EDC in the BravoBelt and lock it in using the trigger retention system.

Once you’ve got that down, here is how you can easily draw your firearm from the BravoBelt belly band holster.

  1. Get a good grip of the garment you’re wearing and pull it high
  2. At the same time, place your hand (palm facing downwards) against the retention strap.
  3. Using the knuckle of your thumb, move your hand upwards to release the retention strap.
  4. Once the strap is released, go ahead and grip your firearm.
  5. With your hands still straight up, point your muzzle towards the target.
  6. Release your garment.
  7. Put your hands together.
  8. Push out on target.

Simple, fast and easy! Here’s a great video from TapRackPewAmy (follow her on IG @taprackpew_amy) that demonstrates the steps. You can do this repeatedly until you master it, and practice regularly to make sure your skills stay sharp.

Tip: Aside from drawing your firearm from your holster, a great addition to your training would be to practice ejecting your empty magazines, accessing your spare magazine, and reloading it. The BravoBelt comes with dual mag carriers to make sure you don’t run out of mags in emergency situations.

How to Practice Drawing Your Firearm

You can practice drawing your firearm in two ways, live fire and dry fire. There is a very simple difference between the two (and it should be obvious from the names): live fire uses live ammo while dry fire doesn't.

Dry Fire

You can practice dry firing in your backyard or home. When practicing, make sure nobody else is around. If there are other people, let them know what you’re doing so they don’t get scared.

The first thing you need to do is to remove all the ammo from your gun. Next, check to make sure all of it is out. After that, check again! A triple check is always necessary because as the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Once you’re sure that all the ammo is out, you can then put the ammo in a different room.

Go through the steps of drawing and aiming it. Doing this in front of the mirror would be helpful so you can adjust your draw if necessary.

Live Fire

Live firing can be done at the shooting range. If your state allows it, you can do it on your property as well.

If you do try live fire training at the range, make sure to check their rules. You might not be allowed to go through the entire process of unholstering, shooting, and reholstering your firearm, especially if you’re at an indoor range. Some outdoor ranges will allow this, though.

You can also practice in a training course, as long as you are with somebody certified.

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The Bravo Bottomline

It takes a lot of practice to develop the muscle memory you need to move your clothing, grip your firearm well, get it out, and point it at the threat… All while doing this safely and quickly with proper sight alignment. So if you’re new to concealed carry (or your skills are a little rusty), put in the time to practice!

Do you have any tips on drawing your firearm from your BravoBelt? Or interested in getting your own? Let us know in the comments!

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