Belly Band Gun Holster

Behind BravoBelt 

So you’re in the market for the best holster for concealed carry, but not having any luck.

Sound familiar?

Our belly band holster is designed to hold multiple types and sizes of guns.  In other words, instead of having to buy a million different holsters for all of your guns, you only need the BravoBelt!

Do you need a holster that’s secure, simple, and can be drawn rapidly? For these purposes, we have designed an “easy snap” retention system, instead of Velcro or Clip. This enables you to everyday carry with peace of mind knowing your firearm is secure in any scenario!

Are you looking for the perfect IWB holster for jogging, running, or everyday? Never use flimsy sweatpants pockets! Just isn’t practical. Your firearm will be secured with our “Easy Snap” retention system allowing you to exercise with peace of mind. Our holster is made from perforated neoprene, which means its breathable and helps reduce sweating.

Will the BravoBelt belly band support my handgun and waist? Yes! Overall gun length supported: 4″ – 8″. To ensure handgun fits, measure the length from the tip of the muzzle to the curve in the grip. Our holster measures 5 inch wide x 42 inch long and will comfortably fit a 44″ diameter waist.



BravoBelt takes great pride in product quality, however, we want you to feel confident in your purchase. We offer you a 100% Money Back Guarantee in case you are not satisfied with our holster for any reason!

DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY! Right now is the best time to buy yours!

Buy now!

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